Help protect your dog from Lyme disease:

  • Vaccinate your dog with RECOMBITEK® Lyme vaccine, which helps block the transmission of the bacteria that cause Lyme disease from an infected tick to your dog.
  • Administer adequate tick control for your dog.
  • Brush dogs frequently during tick season and conduct thorough tick checks.

If you find a tick attached, remove it promptly with tweezers and without crushing the tick.


Lyme disease is a painful, multi-system disorder caused by the spirochete bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi and transmitted by ticks.  Lyme disease can cause death if left untreated.

Lyme disease clinical signs are variable in dogs ranging from as mild as no signs to fatal kidney failure. Most common clinical signs of Lyme disease are fever, joint/limb swelling, lameness, lethargy, malaise, and anorexia which may progress to polyarthritis and fatal acute progressive renal failure. Initial signs of Lyme disease may not begin to show up until two to six months after the dog has been exposed to the infected tick. Antibiotics can help manage the disease, but do not eliminate the organism. Lyme disease is a recurring condition that can strike again and again once a dog contracts it.


Lyme Disease can show NO symptoms in your dog while the disease progresses to potentially cause Lyme Nephritis, a fatal condition of the kidneys.

It is vital to get your dog tested and vaccinated yearly.



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