Scheduled Prevention

We will have a client services specialist who will go over your plan and ensure that you are receiving all of the service you have chosen on your wellness plan.  Along with that they will educate you, if you do not object, on the benefits of a quality flea and tick preventative as well has a intestinal parasite and heartworm preventative.  The client service rep will send you an email and/or a text to let you know when your preventatives are due to be given.

The client services specialist will ensure that you are scheduled for all of your services on dates and during times that suit you.  Our schedule fills up fast but having a client services specialist will ensure you are scheduled as far in advance as you would like.  This staff member will be your liaison between the clinic and you.  Should you need anything, she will do her best to ensure your request is addressed in a very timely manner.

Good news about your various preventatives, you will receive 10% off being a wellness plan subscriber.  We are usually less expensive at the clinic than the online pharmacies.  So coupling this with the 10% discount on your preventatives that we offer IN THE CLINIC (as opposed to our online pharmacy), we feel this makes it very affordable to ensure your pet is getting the best in flea, tick, heartworm and intestinal parasite protection available.   

We can help you space out services, allowing for more clinic contact with your pet.  This serves multiple purposes.  For example,  it helps to desensitize your pet to vet visits, so he/she is more at ease.  It also allows the techs and docs to become more familiar with your pet and therefore more likely to pick up on an issue sooner rather than later.

 Optimizing your schedule will allow your pet to receive the best care as possible.  For example, if you selected a dental on your plan, there is an pre-anesthetic exam done.  During this exam the doctor may observe something that needs addressed.